Enjoy A Pain-Free Permanent Make-Up Session With The Following Numbing Products

Enjoy A Pain-Free Permanent Make-Up Session With The Following Numbing Products

A topical anesthetic cream or blue gel is a great way to make your permanent makeup session less painful. Both products should be applied to the area 15 to 25 minutes before the procedure. A numbing gel can be applied directly to the tattooed area and is especially effective if applied over the area before the procedure.

Numbing cream:

While permanent makeup can be painful, many practitioners use numbing creams to make the procedure easier. They usually contain one or more active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) benzocaine, lidocaine, or tetracaine. All three have the same basic mechanism of action: they block the neuronal impulses that cause pain.

The BLT cream combines lidocaine, benzocaine, and tetracaine and is used before permanent makeup procedures. It is available in different strengths and is most effective in quickly numbing the skin. It also lasts longer than many over-the-counter numbing products.

Numbing gel:

If you have chosen to get permanent makeup, choosing a numbing gel for your permanent makeup session can make the process more comfortable. A numbing gel is a cream or gel that is applied before the permanent makeup session. The cream will numb the area, helping it to be pain-free. Depending on the brand and strength, a numbing gel may last for a few hours or even a day. It should be used only by a trained professional. Never apply the cream or gel yourself.

Topical anesthetic cream:

The first step in ensuring a pain-free permanent makeup session is choosing the right topical anesthetic cream. It is important to choose a product with a neutral pH. A high pH can irritate the skin. It would help if you chose a topical anesthetic cream with a pH close to 5.5. This will ensure greater absorption of the active pharmaceutical ingredient. Neutral-pH products also have a lower risk of skin irritation.

Lidocaine numbing gel:

A lidocaine numbing cream can help make permanent makeup sessions more comfortable. It’s applied before the procedure and reduces pain, swelling, and bleeding. It’s also safe for use around the eyes. The cream lasts about two or three hours during the procedure, and you can reapply it afterward to minimize the pain.